Greenlee County Fair


Art, Agriculture, Crafts, Culinary, Floriculture, Horticulture, Livestock, Photography, Minerals & Jewelry, Models, School Art, Scouts, 4-H  


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  • Pie Tasting
  • Horse Shoe Tournament
  • Stick Horse Stampede
  • Mud Volleyball tournament


  • Jr. Livestock show/BBQ/Auction
  • Jr. Rodeo
  • Small Stock Show/Auction
  • Family Fun Circus
  • Stick Horse Stampede
  • Grand Canyon Pro Rodeo
  • Live Band Dance's
  • A Great Northern A'Fair Carnival

2017 Fair Exhibitor Handbook

School and Youth Organizations Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Livestock Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Mineral, Fossil, Lapidary Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Models and Misc Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Sewing, Quilting, and Fiber Art Exhibitor Hanbook (pdf)


Photography Exhibitor Hanbook (pdf)


AG Mechanics Department Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Crafts and Hobbies Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


2017 Fair Exhibitor Handbook Entry Requirements and information (pdf)


Culinary Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Fine Art Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Floriculture, Horticulture, and Agriculture (pdf)


Poultry Exhibitor Handbook (pdf)


Exhibit Entry Forms


We are accepting entry forms ahead of time to help input the information.  This will allow the Fair to print Exhibit Tags and alleviate the old timely process of filing out an exhibit tag for each entry.

Paper Entry Form

Print out an Entry Form and have it ready to go.

There are entry forms for the Building, Livestock, and Group Exhibits.

Exhibit forms can be dropped off at the Cup and Cone, Clifton Library, Clifton Town Hall, Board of Supervisors, Town and Country, Town of Duncan, and the Fairgrounds office.

Way of the Future

Remember the time you stood in line to submit all of your Fair exhibits, going from department to department filling out paper entry tags for each item?

The Greenlee County Fairgrounds is moving forward and taking online entries.

Price List

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Event Worker Oportunities

There are many job opportunities available for event positions for the week of September 10-17, 2018 at the Greenlee County Fairgrounds.  We are currently accepting applications to fill gate positions, building security, night time security, custodial and grounds keepers.


September 15, 2018

8:00 am - 8:45 am line up time 

3rd street in Duncan by the Catholic church along East Avenue  Turn in your entry and receive a line up number.

Parade Start time

9:00 a.m

Parade Route ending location

The parade will proceed starting at East ave (next to The Ranch House) traveling along Hwy 70 to Stadium Street (at Wanda's) and dispersing at the Duncan High School.

Welcome Vendors